Skateboard & BMX Halfpipe (King Ramps)

King Ramps is the UK’s premiere business for mobile skate parks, ramps and wheeled sports events. Offering skate park design, build and maintenance services, skateboard and bmx events, provision of pro riders and workshops – Alongside building Europe’s largest arsenal of mobile skate ramps. Born out of a passion for skating, ramp building and a love for spreading the good word skateboarding.

Their 5.5ft mini is big enough for the pro riders to go to town on, but not so big that it intimidates beginners. This is a great ramp for events of all sizes and works well for workshops as well as pro skate or BMX shows.


As well as being able to have a go for yourself, professional skaters and BMXers will be putting on multiple shows throughout the day and running a workshop for anyone interested in learning, all accommodated with a professional MC.


Blue Reef Skateshop

The on-site skateboard shop

On the beautiful Loddington Farm in the heart of Kent, our skate shop is accommodated with english countryside views and fresh air. 

We will be selling our handmade longboards and clothing to decks and complete skateboards suitable for beginners and pros from inside the giant teepee at the festival.


So whether you're a beginner, need a totally fresh set up or you've busted a bearing, we'll be there!