Vegetarian Burger



Owlet Fruit Juice

Established in 1986, Owlet make an award-winning range of juices made from fruit grown, pressed and bottled here at Loddington Farm.


Available to order online, in most Kent farmshops or pick up a few bottles from our stand! 


Turners Cider

Turners Cider is a family business based in the village of Marden, in the Weald of Kent. We make a range of craft ciders in the ‘Eastern counties’ style: that is, from only eating and cooking apples.

We select each type of apple for its flavour. That’s why we use so many traditional varieties like Cox, Worcester, Bramley and Russet.

The result is a range of clean, light and refreshing ciders with a balance of sweetness and acidity. They’re perfect for summer drinking, for thirst-quenching, as an aperitif and with many types of food.

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Bottoms Up Bar

Bottoms Up Bar is a converted Badminton horse box, one of only 100 made. Larger than most, we have a counter big enough for 4 staff to mix and serve, supported by others.

The entire drinks menu is fully bespoke, so there will be plenty of drinks to choose from!



58 Gin was launched from humble beginnings in the heart of Hackney as a local, sustainable micro-distillery.

Ultra-small batch production began and further flavours were developed, taking inspiration from seasonal British produce, from the wonky Apples not fit for supermarkets in our Apple & Hibiscus Pink Gin to the seasonal foraged Sloes in our English Berry Gin.


Kashmir Kitchen

Kashmir Kitchen is a family run business specialising in home made curries and dishes with North Indian infuences.

All the ingredients are fresh and prepared with a love and passion for creating the finest flavours and most wholesome of meals.

Greek Expectations.png

Greek Expectations

Returning this year due to such a high demand, Greek Expectations have a variety of greek dishes for you to enjoy. With a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes your tastebuds will be tingling after you’ve had your meal with us.

Alongside their greek food, they will also be serving foot long frankfurters.


Foot Long Frankfurters

Alongside Greek Expectations, Bocco's famous smoked frankfurthers will be serving the juiciest footlong sausages inside the freshest french baguettes. When it comes to feel good festival food, nothing compares to a traditional hot dog!


Little Travelling Bean

Everyone's favourite camper cafè is back! 'Little Travelling Bean' is an organic cafè run by a Swiss & British travelling couple out of a 1976 VW camper van! From juices and hot drinks to cakes, pastries and savouries, this little camper is the perfect way to start your mornings at Blue Reef Fest!


RAB Wood Fired Pizza 

With their authentic wood fired pizza oven, RAB pizza makes tasty Italian pizzas as fresh as you can get them.


With a large range of toppings including vegan options and shorter cooking times than average thanks to their unique dough, you'll always have a quick and super tasty experience!


Steph's Ices

You cannot have a proper summertime festival without a proper ice cream van. Steph's Ices serves ice creams from your traditional flake and cone to a completely unique creation that will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth.


Venison Burgers

Delicious, locally sourced venison perfectly cooked up on a flame grilled BBQ. Venison is a healthier and a richer red meat compared to beef, so you can enjoy a succulent burger without all the fatty bits. 


Verrall's Vintage Treats

Serving sweet treats out of their converted 1955 Eccles caravan towed by their 1955 Land Rover (on a good day!) Verrall's Vintage Treats will be gracing us with their old school sweets and treats. From baked goods and sweet cones to soft drinks and juices, they have what you need to fulfil that sweet craving. 


More to be announced...

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