Abstract Bird's Nest



Matt J Adams

London based Artist, Actor and creative Matt J Adams is an emerging face in the art scene. Matt is completely self taught with all of his techniques drawn from skate culture. He uses a mixture of stencil work with written poetry, traditional illustration and a number of multimedia techniques. He will be doing a live street art piece over the weekend.


Screenshot 2022-03-17 at 16.03_edited.jpg

Paul Malone Art

Paul Malone is a freelance comic artist/ illustrator. He has phenomenal paintings, original prints and fun t-shirts. He has even worked collaboratively with 'Fool Moon Graphicks' to create graphic novels and comics.



Mollie Pickle Design

Mollie Pickle is an environmentally conscious illustrator and printmaker from Ramsgate. She creates unique illustrations inspired by nature and produces these into printed goods such as cushions, tea towels, framed prints and apparel. 

She travels the country selling her goods at festivals and markets from her beautiful yellow T4.



To be announced...

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