Balls Deep Customs

BALLS DEEP: To be totally immersed in a project, no limitations, no turning back,

fully committed.

Dean Storer - Owner of BD Customs - 


"BD Customs started out as a challenge to myself to build a Bobber – one Bobber, that’s all – just to prove to myself I could do it.


I didn’t even want to ride it, I don’t even hold a bike license but the challenge was on.


Where do I start? What bike do I use? How old should the bike be? Engine size, wheel size, unit, pre-unit? The list went on, I knew nothing."


VW Clubs

A piece of German motor history

With several VW clubs arriving from across Kent, there will certainly be an assortment of German show cars and rust buckets alike. 



Iconic style at its best

The scooter! Whether a Lambretta or a Vespa, it is a true style icon.


Immortalised by the film Quaudrophenia and taken as the go to mode of transport for the Mod scene.


We are pleased to welcome an array of these stunning scooters to our festival.